In your business do you communicate regularly with others? I think all of us can answer yes to that one! Are you as careful in your writing as you are in your talking? I bet most of us answer “no” to that one! We probably don’t think about jotting down a note and e-mailing it off to someone we communicate with regularly.  But what if that note has spelling errors, incorrect punctuation, or sentences that are not constructed correctly? How does that make you look on paper? How does that make you look if that note is passed on to someone you don’t know? Face it, not all of us write like Shakespeare.

“Errors in print are like wardrobe malfunctions; they give your reader the impression that you are sloppy, do not care or do not pay attention to details.” says Shelly Rosenberg, a professional editor (check out www.shellyrosenberg.com).

Think about how you feel when you receive a note that is badly written. If it is a person you haven’t met, someone you might think about doing business with, what is your immediate reaction?  It is probably something like, “If they don’t care about simple grammar and spelling, I don’t think I can introduce them to my clients. How would they handle the account if they are this careless about their written communication?”

Shelly explains it this way; A reader will judge your personality, professionalism, and ethics just from the way you write. A carefully written statement, with no typos or grammatical errors, will give your reader confidence that you will take care in your dealings with him or her. As I have heard many times, “you can only make one first impression.”

Find an editor you can work with. Someone who will correct the errors you make. Their job is to make you look good on paper. When writing something REALLY important, such as a letter to a prospective client or an article for a newsletter, have it edited. If you find someone that is very accessible, it should only take a short amount of time to get it back ready to send. If you naturally don’t have the gift of prose, admit it and use resources to get this very important aspect of your communication right!

Write Well – Look Good!

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