Truisms for Business – Where to Find Them!

Truisms for Business – Where to Find Them!

In business, as with many things in life there are inviolable truths that must be observed. History has faithfully recorded the consequences of those who fail to take heed of such truths. Just think of pitfalls that befell the likes of Napoleon, Hitler and the fellas at Enron, to name a few.

With this in mind, here are some of my favorite truisms:

“Old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance…” David Mamet

“The beatings will continue until morale improves…” Anonymous Bad Leader

Okay, these may not be the best truisms for success in business, but I think they are terribly funny, nonetheless.

Timeless Wisdom

On a serious note, I recently had a conversation with one of the sharpest business and organizational consultants I know. She and I were stuck in a car for a while and we both lamented how clients of ours were often diverted from the most important issues facing their businesses by listening to the “Siren Song” of the latest fad in business leadership. She and I agreed that the best of what has been written regarding business, organizational and leadership success has already been penned by the likes of; Mort Drucker, Steven Covey, Jim Collins and Patrick Lencioni, to name a few. (Feel free to add a couple of names if you like.)

We also agreed that the repetitive application of the such documented and proven wisdom often provides breakthrough results for business leaders that are willing to apply such time-honored techniques in their business.

Avoiding the Danger Zones – Business Illusions

Here at B2B CFO Partners, LLC, we pride ourselves on applying timeless truths to our clients with an emphasis on business finance, thoughtful business transition planning and other value-added services that assist our clients in reaching the next level in their business and personal goals. We are also blessed by the work of our founder, Jerry Mills, who has taken the time and effort to document crucial business truths in a number of easy to digest formats that help our clients “cut through the fog” that is often facing them as we work through their many business challenges.

One such offering by Jerry is “Avoiding the Danger Zone – Business Illusions”. In this excellent book, Jerry discusses several critical considerations for leaders of growing businesses that bring into focus time-honored truths that are likely to yield big dividends if employed in a timely manner.

Some of the Highlights

Jerry is the consummate story-teller. He has a knack for combining his passion for helping business owners with his years of experience to apply timeless truths. Here are some of the highlights of “timeless wisdom” that Jerry weaves in the course of the book;

  1. Transition Planning – “Begin with the end in mind…” – Chapter 1 deals with the idea of business transition planning. He emphasizes that those who plan ahead for their journey are better off in the long run. Through the course of the evolution of any business are highs and lows. Key issues discussed are maintaining goal clarity, developing emotional intelligence and avoiding harmful misconceptions about business growth.
  2. Avoiding Illusions – “Measurement & Execution” – Chapter 2 reminds us that those who are able to execute well often out-perform those who are more talented or have a competitive advantage. Using the analogies of disasters of pilots not understanding their instrumentation and the fact that coaches with underdog players (Lombardi/Packers) sometimes defeat better teams with outstanding preparation, Jerry makes the case that understanding the fundamentals can lead from disaster to outstanding performance.
  3. Avoiding Distractions – “Don’t lose sight of what separates you from the competition…” – Chapter 3 makes the case that entrepreneurs need to maintain the unique elements of their original success as their business enter rapid growth and change. However, doing so in the face of rapid growth requires planning, team building and focus on roles that facilitate the continued maximization of the entrepreneur’s unique abilities.

After Launch…

Once the first 3 chapters lay down these 3 truisms, the rest of the book continues to build on these principles as the remainder of the book unfolds. Valuable insights are shared regarding; struggles with cash in the face of rapid growth, down to earth business transition planning strategies and a host of other issues that require informed leadership on the part of business leaders.

Get a Copy!

Intrigued? I would suggest that you get a copy of this book. It makes great read and references several other resources worth checking into for further study.

Most B2B CFO partners are happy to provide copies of our books – including “The Exit Strategy Handbook” –  free of charge. Contact one near you. If you are shy, you can buy one online at

I would recommend the “freebie”!






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