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Focus on Intangibles to Maximize Business Value

Many business owners believe the best way to maximize the value of their company as they prepare for an exit is to focus on improving financial or operating performance. My goal is to debunk that commonly-held belief. Improving revenues and profitability will increase value, but not maximize it.  For that, we need to look elsewhere.  Namely… Read more »

Business Transition Explained – First Installment

  What it means for you and those you know… I am excited to announce that I recently completed B2B CFO’s excellent certification program and am now a Certified Business Transition Expert! Our organization takes great pride in bringing lasting value to our clients through our role as long-term trusted business advisors. This certification rounds… Read more »

B2B CFO® Develops M&A Incubator Program

An article on our M&A Incubator Program, currently in beta testing, was published in the 9/1/2014 edition of BizTimes Magazine.   Please click here to read the article.   Mergers and acquisitions advisors are constantly seeking out business owners who would like to sell their businesses, but sometimes red flags prevent a sale from taking place.  

Plan Exit Strategies to Yield Positive Outcomes

Jerry Mills, founder of B2B CFO®, was quoted in an article on exit planning that was published in the August edition of InBusiness Magazine.   Please read the article here.    There are numerous options for the entrepreneur who decides it’s “time to move on”.   My take-aways from the article, in addition to the information… Read more »