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Applying the Laws of Physics to Your Emerging Business

Multiple Physics Equations On Wall

In his book, “Organizational Physics: The Science of Growing a Business,” author Lex Sisney explains how the laws of physics help emerging businesses achieve new levels of success. He asserts that because physics is the science of matter and energy, and managers use principles and methods to lead organizations, then “Organizational Physics” offers a way… Read more »

The Three P’s of Planning

Man Drawing Out Computer Strategy

People. Product. Profit. Those were the elements we used for the annual business planning process in the advertising agency where I spent a good many years of my career. Whether it was because I was part of the finance organization or just the reality of being part of a large, publicly traded entity with quarterly… Read more »

Is “Good to Great” by Jim Collins any Good?

Impossible Being Erased Becoming Possible

In 2001 Jim Collins wrote a book titled “Good to Great”, which became a sensation in the business management world. According to Wikipedia, the book has sold 2.5 million copies and has been translated into 32 languages. Wow! Everyone was reading it, commenting on it, giving it to their business associates, and claiming to be… Read more »

How We Cut Costs and Improved Morale

Low Prices Everyday Sign

Most employees take satisfaction in knowing that they are contributing to the success of the company. Setting up an incentive program that rewards them for work that exceeds expectations provides tangible evidence of success. However, business owners may struggle to find ways to incentivize their employees for jobs that are not sales related. Most jobs… Read more »

Do You Know Your Shot Conversion Rate?

JUNE 25, 2013 by Glenna Mileson The morning after the Miami Heat won the 2013 NBA Championship by beating the San Antonio Spurs 95-88 in an intense game seven, most businesses in America were filled with post game discussion. Even the most casual fan probably knew the score. And those who study the game of… Read more »