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Fed to Raise Interest Rates: Impact on Your Business

Fed reserve raising interest rates

Earlier this season, the Federal Reserve shocked the fiscal world by deviating from the path toward an increase in interest rates. Historically, the United States has never been in this position, and interest rates have remained near zero percent for more than nine years. This fact has given businesses the opportunity to shed fat and… Read more »

Leading Change in Your Emerging Business

Change Is The Only Constant

In his landmark Harvard Business School Press book, Leading Change – An Action Plan from the World’s Foremost Expert on Business Leadership, Harvard professor John P. Kotter offers down-to-Earth advice on how to lead your organization into the future. Every organization, whatever the size, deals with change as a constant. The owners and managers of… Read more »

Insights from PwC’s US Family Business Survey

Family owned businesses have unique characteristics, particularly in the areas of culture, ownership and succession.  The slides presenting PwC’s recent US Family Business Survey contained in the 2/4/2015 FEI Private Company Roundtable webcast do indeed provide some interesting insights about family owned businesses.   52% of owners do not plan on passing the business on to the next generation to… Read more »

The Need for Small Businesses to Use ApplePay

Apple Logo On A Black Background

Apple sought to change the world of business and consumer relations with the release of ApplePay in October, and businesses around the country began the task of preparing and adapting to accept this new method of payment. In short, ApplePay allows consumers to keep all their financial information — bank accounts, credit cards, and other forms of… Read more »