Support Your Favorite Charity on Idaho Gives Day

Idaho GivesThe second annual Idaho Gives Day sponsored by Idaho Nonprofit Center is Thursday, May 1st. During that 24 hour period, you can go to the Idaho Gives website ( and donate to your favorite charity. The site has a search engine to help you locate individual charities or you can browse charities by category. Contributions can be made to any individual charities you choose and are fully tax deductible. Last year, $578,615 was donated by 6,192 individuals to 541 charities. This year, you will have the opportunity to give to over 650 organizations. Many of these organizations represent regional, national, and international causes. So, people from across the country can easily contribute to a cause they wish to support. Throughout the day, there will be contests and prizes awarded to participating charities that will supplement your contributions. This is a wonderful opportunity to easily give to the charity of your choice. Please join me in supporting the cause of your choice by going to the Idaho Gives website on Thursday and making a donation.

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