Stewarding People

I am always amazed when I hear stories of owners/managers/bosses who treat their employees like children. More time is wasted and productivity lost when employees are belittled or yelled at. Not the actual time to mete out the punishment, but rather the mental disengagement by the employee for hours and sometimes days as he/she processes the bosses action. When the bosses actions are observed by the other employees, the mental disengagement and whispered conversations can infiltrate the entire work space. Now rather than losing productivity from one employee, the loss can be multiplied by as many workers as there are in the office.

I am always interested in reading various articles about how treat employees. These usually include lists of things for bosses to consider when engaging with employees. Here are ten things extraordinary bosses give their employees.

  1. Autonomy and Independence
  2. Clear Expectations
  3. Meaningful Objectives
  4. A True Sense of Purpose
  5. Opportunities to Provide Significant Input
  6. A Real Sense of Connection
  7. Reliable Consistency
  8. Private Criticism
  9. Public Praise
  10. A Chance for a Meaningful Future

An expanded explanation on each of these points can be read by going here.

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