David Wilkins

Hillsboro, OR
32 Years of Experience

About David Wilkins

David is a Partner with B2B CFO®, the world’s largest CFO services firm; its focus is on companies up to $75 million in sales. He has over 35 years of broad-based financial and operations experience in construction, communication, retail, software, non-profit and service firms, and as a CPA and consultant. David has extensive experience leading companies through high growth, and is particularly adept at communicating numbers to maximize management potential. David has also transitioned many companies.

David’s expertise ranges from merger and acquisitions to internal reporting for successful management. He has deep experience in working with boards and owners, investment bankers, insurance, transition management, CPA’s and attorneys to complete successful transactions. He has integrated performance based management systems in communication companies, construction, and oil and gas construction, including such tools as activity based costing, open book management, management by objective, and risk management optimization.

Many owners are planning on exiting their businesses in the next few years, but don’t know how to maximize the value they will receive, nor do they have a transition plan. David helps owners maximize their exit value and uses B2B CFO®’s proprietary process to help them successfully transition to new owners.

The best run and most profitable companies have great planning processes. David helps companies develop their strategic, operational and marketing plans.

Prior to joining B2B CFO®, David was CFO in energy construction where he played a lead role in driving sales from $90 to $350 million, reducing insurance costs over $5 million per year while achieving the lowest overhead in the industry. David was instrumental in selling the company to capital partners and exited the founder. Four years later exited the capital partners to a public company for seven times the initial valuation. David implemented cost reporting and systems to improve forecasting in a very volatile business leading to confidence in management team.

David earned a B.S. in Business-Accounting from the Portland State University. David became a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) in 1984.

David lives in Hillsboro with his wife of 37 years. David and Cindy have adopted eight children of various nationalities and run a large household.

Other Info


  • Portland State University

Certificates & Licenses:

  • BS
  • CPA (Oregon)


  • CFMA

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