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Contact David Odom and receive a free Discovery Analysis™

  • A confidential meeting with the business owner(s), then interview company staff.
  • Look at the company’s financial information and computer systems.
  • Benchmark financial information against industry averages.
  • Create a confidential report of our findings in The Strategy Gameplan™

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David Odom is a CPA and Partner with B2B CFO®. As an owner of multiple businesses, Certified Public Accountant, CEO and CFO to large and small businesses Dave has been involved in the purchase and sale of numerous privately held companies over the past 30 years. His experience has ranged from small retailers to larger multi-state enterprises and this range of experience along with his Exit Planning training makes Dave a great resource and entertaining speaker.

His practice is to help business owners prepare their business to have the highest value for sale as well as enjoying the company and improved cash flow and value while remaining the owner. He works with local companies of privately held and family legacy companies that have been in business for 50-60-70-100 years.

Dave helped sell his family’s business in 1984 and has continued both his practical experience, knowledge of tax laws, entity planning, and exit planning. 

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The Exit Strategy Handbook – Using the Game Plan™


If you are planning on selling your business in the next few years, then you are one of many millions of business owners looking to do the same. Why do you need The Exit Strategy Handbook?  We are heading for an unprecedented Baby Boomer Tsunami which will mean that you will be selling your business in a buyer’s market. Read the book and use the dashboard system to ensure you get the most value out of your business.