New Technologies Shaping the Future of Your Business

Mobile Technology Ramping

Mobile technology is ramping up faster than any technology in history — faster than televisions, faster than computers, and even faster than the Internet. More mobile devices will be in use by the end of 2014 than there are people in the world! There are more than 100 countries where the number of cell phones exceeds the population.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

People prefer their own device over one provided by the company and have unprecedented access to company networks from anywhere in the world. Employees access confidential company data and run enterprise applications from unsecured wireless hotspots in coffee shops, airports and wherever cell towers are available.

Most companies lack a formal BYOD policy. Employee personal data, customer credit cards and confidential financial information are potentially available to anyone with a cell phone.

MEMs and IoT

Along with handheld and tablet devices, micro-electro-mechanical devices (MEMs) access the same Internet that carries corporate data. MEMs in appliances, automobiles, traffic signals, medical devices, wearables such as night vision helmets and miniature devices of all kinds attach to the “Internet of Things” or IoT.

Impact on Your Business

  1. Security – Employees access data from their homes, cars, airports, coffee shops and their own hotspots. Every cell tower is now a wireless access point.
  2. Infrastructure – New devices on the network drive demand for cloud storage or increased infrastructure in corporate data centers.
  3. Applications – New business apps are published daily! Customer relationship management (CRM) systems with phone-based apps access customer information around the clock.
  4. Opportunity – Savvy business owners look at these new users and devices and see opportunity. What MEM can you embed? What app can you develop?

The airship of enterprise technology is traveling at light speed and will not slow down. Take a deep breath, make your reservation, and get on board!

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