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Feb 28Frank Dane

Why Do Men and Women Buy and Sell Businesses

Feb 28Frank Dane

It’s no secret that men and women are very often motivated to act for different reasons.  This is pretty much a universal truism that applies equally to personal lives as well as business lives. recently issued the results of a demographic study of individuals pursuing the buying or selling of a business. The survey, which encompassed over 2,000 buyers and sellers, revealed a number of trends that are shaping today’s market and confirmed that even in this area, men and women act for different reasons.  But, not surprisingly the survey also revealed a number of areas where men and women were motivated almost equally by the same factors.

Here is a summary of some of the insights garnered by the survey:

1.         The desire to be their own boss was cited by 55% of the women surveyed as the primary reason for purchasing a business.  On the other hand, men only cited this reason 48% of the time.

2.         Desire to earn higher income came in second place for both men and women who desired to purchase a business.

3.         Achieving a better lifestyle resulted in another tie, being the third most popular motivator for both men and women to pursue the purchase of a business.

4.         15% of men cited dissatisfaction with their current job as a motivating factor while only 10% of the women cited this reason as a motivating factor for their pursuit of business ownership.

5.         Turning our attention to the sell side of the equation, men and women run neck- to-neck as far as retirement being the primary reason to sell their business.  That is 39% of men and 40% of women cited this reason.

6.         Again on the sell side, the survey found a 10% gap between men and women citing the desire to own a larger business (men 16% and women 6%).

7.         Burn-out also scored relatively high as a reason to sell with 22% of women citing that reason and 13% of the men.

The above was abstracted from a February 27, 2014 article by Curtis Kroeker, Partner Contributor and Group General Manager for and BizQuest.

For additional statistics and insights click here for the entire article.


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