Yes – laugh your way to good health.  It’s not Snake Oil!  You might call it alternative or holistic medicine but there is science to back it up.

The American Cancer Society even endorses “Humor Therapy” as an adjunct to conventional medical therapies. Many hospital and treatment centers have established special rooms with humorous materials for the purpose of making people laugh.  They are also using volunteers to visit patients in order to make them laugh.

For more information from the American Cancer Society on the positive health effects of laughter, click here.

The University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service in the article “The Connection between Laughter, Humor and Good Health tells us that among other benefits:

·           Laughing heartily on a regular basis is good for your blood pressure,

·           Laughter reduces stress by reducing certain hormones associated with stress,

·           Laughter strengthens the immune system by increasing infection-fighting antibodies,

·           Laughter stimulates both sides of the brain to enhance learning,

·           Frequent belly laughter has a cleaning effect on the lungs similar to deep-breathing, and

·           Laughter and an active sense of humor may help reduce the risk of heart attack.

If that isn’t enough to get you laughing, consider that laughing for 10 minutes each day can burn the same number of calories as a half-hour workout.   So make laughter part of your diet.  Go here for more details from the University of Kentucky.

Also see Humor and Health by Paul E. McGhee, PhD, for more information on the benefits of laughing.

So you may not need Humor Therapy but it sure sounds like if we laugh it up we’ll be a lot healthier at the end of those long and stressful business days.  Also, why not tell a joke now and then and help others become healthier?

Try it –You might just laugh your way to good health!

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