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The Frankenstein Monster – A Business Parable

Administrative Infrastructure

“The Continuum from Meatball Surgery to Rocket Science”

My son began watching “The Simpsons” when he was in his teens. Although I wasn’t particularly interested in cartoons at that time in my life I decided that I should check out what he was watching to maintain my street-cred.…

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Focus on Intangibles to Maximize Business Value

intangible assets knowledge brands trademark creativity idea patentMany business owners believe the best way to maximize the value of their company as they prepare for an exit is to focus on improving financial or operating performance.

My goal is to debunk that commonly-held belief.

Improving revenues and profitability will increase value, but not maximize it.  …

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CFO = Chief Forecasting Officer


I have found in my career that one of the most common tools that are not in place for business owners is income statement, balance sheet and cash flow forecasting.  The role of the Chief Financial Officer in companies includes the duty of forecasting but in companies that don’t have an in-house CFO these duties are often neglected. …

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Closing The Mental Gap™ For Exiting Business Owners

Exit Strategy

B2B CFO® founder Jerry Mills tells the following story of a conversation that he had with a business owner at the annual SABEW (Society of American Business Editors and Writers) conference:

“One of the most interesting conversations I had was with Ania (Kubicki, President of Angles Public Relations) and an owner of a large newspaper that is based on the West Coast.  …

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Why Every Business Owner Should Have A CFO On Their Team


Many of the business owners that I come into contact with are ‘successful’ while not having a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) on their teams:

  • They are engineers, builders, medical professionals, attorneys, software developers, marketers, business coaches, etc., and are very good at what they do
  • Their businesses have ‘been in business’ for several years, often due to the owners’ hard work, sacrifice and reinvestment in the business
  • They have dedicated employees, many of whom have been with the owner/business for several years.

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