The Business Sale Solution™ Seminar is a must-have resource for any CEO or Business Owner. We will take 90 minutes to answer the tough questions about selling or transferring your business. If you attend the seminar you will receive an educational resource that no other company can or will give you.

Why are we qualified to teach this seminar?: 

  • Collectively, we have closed more than 1,600 sales & acquisition transactions with a combined value of $51 billion.
  • Our award-winning book, The Exit Strategy Handbook, was written to help business owners with their business transitions and is the companion book to this course.
  • Our patent-pending B2B Exit® software was written to help owners control the transition process.
  • Most of our partners are Certified Business Transition Experts™
  • Each of our professionals is a senior-level executive that averages 25 years of experience.

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