Book review – Getting Naked!

I just finished reading a book over a long weekend that had been recommended to me.  The author is Patrick Lencioni and the book is entitled Getting Naked.  This is about the fable of a client service approach that yields uncommon levels of trust and loyalty.  In many ways the book re-enforced the concepts of Integrity Selling as well as the way I have found that potential clients turn into clients.

In my firm we start by asking questions in the networking meeting and Discovery Analysis of what is not working well for the business owner.  The point is not to sell them on your abilities and skills but to demonstrate your abilities by listening, asking deeper questions and seeing what has been attempted to resolve the issues.

During the past few years I get asked what makes me successful in gaining clients and this book crystalized for me the way I go about the process of interviewing the business owner.  Patrick runs an organization called The Table Group and is the author of several other books including The Advantage, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and Death by Meeting.

I highly endorse this book and hope that the concepts of client service presented in the book help each of you find greater personal and professional success!

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