Are Past Due Balances Putting Your Cash Flow at Risk?

Cash is the lifeblood of every business. Maintaining healthy cash flow is key in providing sufficient working capital to fund operations. One potential cash flow trap is accounts receivable. If you have a business that sells to wholesale customers, you typically have to offer them payment terms. Collection from these customers can be a challenge.… Read more »

Perspectives in CFO Consulting – Monida Healthcare Network

Perspectives in CFO Consulting – Monida Healthcare Network I know that I am not alone in counting as a pleasure my ongoing and fruitful interaction with “world-class” professionals and organizations. As a CFO consultant and partner with B2B CFO Partners, LLC, I am privileged to have many such relationships as a trusted business advisor. One… Read more »

5 Things to Consider Before Valuing Your Business

When it is time to sell your company, or a private equity group approaches you with interest, you must consider how to go about a process that insures you can define and meet your transition goals. Bo Burlingham in his book Finish Big raises some steps to defining a happy or relative happy exit from… Read more »


In this article, I discuss the origin of the idea that organizations should first invest in people, then development of core processes, and finally systems (technologies) that will support the first two. The Evolution of Popular Thought on this Topic It is unclear who first coined the phrase “People-Processes-Systems” that many companies continue to cite… Read more »