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B2B CFO Extends Leadership Position in Mid-Market Business Transitions


Company sees widespread adoption of its proprietary exit strategy software, increased demand for expertise as owners of mid-market companies struggle to sell their businesses

MESA, Ariz. [Business Wire] – B2B CFO, nation’s largest CFO and business transitions services firm, today released a summary of its Partners expertise in exit strategy leadership, highlighting a rapidly expanding client roster for business transition work and widespread adoption of the firm’s proprietary exit strategy software.…

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How Changes in Washington May Impact Your Business

As the owner or senior manager of an established and growing business, you have seen administrations come and go. You know that what happens in Washington can have a significant impact on your revenues and profits, your employment practices, financial planning and more.

For the record, I rarely, if ever, discuss politics with my clients, but the fact remains these changes will impact both your business and mine, so it is worthwhile to project what may happen and do what we can to position your business for the future.…

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