Month: November 2014

The Need for Small Businesses to Use ApplePay

Apple Logo On A Black Background

Apple sought to change the world of business and consumer relations with the release of ApplePay in October, and businesses around the country began the task of preparing and adapting to accept this new method of payment. In short, ApplePay allows consumers to keep all their financial information — bank accounts, credit cards, and other forms of… Read more »

Report Ranks Montana 6th in Nation for Business Tax Climate

Montana State Grundge Flag

Being a native Montanan and an advocate for a successful business environment for my home state I am especially heartened by the recent article I read in our Missoulian newspaper. The link below also includes a map titles “2015 State Business Climate Index” produced by the Tax Foundation. Here are some selected quotes from… Read more »

Is “Good to Great” by Jim Collins any Good?

Impossible Being Erased Becoming Possible

In 2001 Jim Collins wrote a book titled “Good to Great”, which became a sensation in the business management world. According to Wikipedia, the book has sold 2.5 million copies and has been translated into 32 languages. Wow! Everyone was reading it, commenting on it, giving it to their business associates, and claiming to be… Read more »