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B2B CFO Sponsors the Vistage Summit

B2BCFO Vistage

The Seattle Partners of B2B CFO were the proud Platinum Sponsor of the Vistage Executive Summit held at the Seattle Hyatt on May 7th. The event attracted between 400-500, mostly business owners.

Pictured left to right: Glenna Mileson, David Lightfoot, Dave Odom, Art Zlystra, Bob Burger, Van Campbell. …

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If You Don’t Get Paid, it’s not a Sale, it’s a Gift

While our tagline “Cash We Help You Get It” might sound like bringing in outside investors or new banking relationships to a company, the most common way to get more cash is to better manage the balance sheet.

The most obvious place is Accounts Receivable. Better management and quicker payments can pay off in the form of increased liquidity and often lower interest payments for companies that rely on a line of credit advances on Accounts Receivable.…

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Increasing the Minimum Wage – Good or Bad for Small Business

The talking heads don’t agree on much.  After all if they did it wouldn’t be very interesting listening to them.  Of course that statement assumes you find them interesting at all. In any event there is little agreement as to whether or not an increase in the minimum wage will be good or bad for the economy in general. …

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Public School District Foundations Earning Our Support

I had the pleasure of being invited to and attending the Issaquah Schools Foundation Nourish Every Mind fundraising breakfast recently.  (I live in the Renton School District and have supported the Friends of Renton Schools over the years.)

If you’re not familiar with these foundations, here is the Issaquah Schools Foundation mission statement:

The Issaquah Schools Foundation is a non-profit organization that drives resources to help all students achieve the promise of their academic potential.

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B2B CFO®’s The Exit Strategy Handbook Finalist For National Award

B2B CFO®’s book “The Exit Strategy Handbook” is one of the finalists for the 2014 Small Business Book Awards (

TESH front cover of the book

“If you are a business owner, there’s no doubt: one day you will exit your business. Preparation is key, and in this book, Jerry L.

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