Month: March 2014

The Top 5 Cash Flow Rules

Why do you need to concentrate on Cash Flow? Simply put, especially for a small to mid-sized business, cash flow equals life, growth, prosperity . . . and survival. You need to free yourself to focus your unique talents and abilities on growing your business rather than fighting the constant cash flow fires. Remember .… Read more »

“Nexus” will this connection come back to haunt you?

These days the word “nexus” can be confusing if you are familiar with Samsung Phones.  The topic of this article has nothing to do with cellular phones but everything about being connected wirelessly to things that are costly, very costly. “A nexus in general means a connection. The term nexus is used in tax law… Read more »

Unemployment Tax Relief for Idaho Employers

The Idaho state unemployment tax rate has declined 30% from an average of 2.75% of employee wages in 2013 to 1.9% in 2014. This is the second straight year that the rate has declined representing a 42% reduction since 2012 when the average rate was 3.3%. The tax rate applies to the first $35,200 paid to… Read more »