Month: December 2013

Put People Before Profit

In these very tenuous and difficult economic times, the importance of profitability becomes tantamount. Without profit, positive cash flow, which is the lifeblood of business, can quickly dry up and cause significant difficulty even in basic operations. This is especially true when the availability of credit seems to be evaporating before our eyes. Profitability is… Read more »

Starting Off Strong

Happy New Year to all my readers! I hope your holidays were joyful and peaceful. Each year when the calendar turns over it is a great time to recommit to goals. There are many things that you can do to help your business prosper and flourish in 2014. The trick is to make a commitment… Read more »

Are You Ready for Another Year?

Are you ready for another year? Do you have a marketing and sales plan that helps you know which customers to target in the upcoming year? With that information, have you created a budget for the year? Do you have clear goals for the year and do you have a way of measuring your success… Read more »