Month: October 2013

Congratulations, Art Zylstra

Art Zylstra, one of our Northwest/Seattle Region’s CFO,  will be a guest lecturer at the University of Washington, Bothell for the Entrepreneurial Management Course. He will lecture on how to build a financial plan as part of an overall business plan, includuing creating a sales forecast, personnel plan, budget, and a profit and loss statement.

Welcome to our newest CFO in the Northwest Region

This month, we welcomed Joe Wehry to the Northwest/Seattle Chapter of B2B CFO: Joe is an experienced CFO / Consultant with over 30 years of expertise serving small to mid-ranged companies in finance, accounting, and operations. His background includes working in public accounting, for a Fortune 50 manufacturing company, developing and leading start-up entities as… Read more »

4 Tips for More Effective Networking

Networking is always a challenge to all small business owners. It can be especially challenging to people who want to do business with the small business owner. Many times, small business owners do not show up at network events because they feel like the bait in a sea of sharks. Most networking events are about… Read more »

Can CEOs Afford to Be Angry?

Like most everyone I have had my share of dealing with anger, my own and other people’s.  Following is some advice on the matter for CEOs, courtesy of Deborah Sweeny – CEO, There is a well-known, and often used, caricature of the ‘angry boss’ — a typically short, balding man, red in the face,… Read more »