Month: June 2013

Check Your Engine Light

When we drive we take it for granted that our car dashboard is set up to tell us most of the important things we need to know to have a safe trip and arrive at our planned destination. When you look down at your car’s dashboard you can quickly determine how the vehicle is functioning… Read more »

Cover Oregon Makes Health Care Choices Easier

Some think Obama Care and major changes in health care, rippling through the nation, are the panacea for all our health care problems. Others may think it is the work of self-serving bureaucrats and politicians and destined to wreak havoc on our already strained health care system and related insurance industry.  I unequivocally doubt that… Read more »

Buyers’ Market for Small Businesses as Baby Boomers Retire

Much has been published about the economic impact the Baby Boom Generation has had on the products and services they purchased at various stages of their life. As they approach retirement age, there are forecasts for growth in retirement services, health care services and housing to accommodate the needs of this group. One statistic that… Read more »