Month: May 2013


In my May 30, 2013 Blog I discussed some of the controversy surrounding genetically modified crops.  As that debate rages on the search continues for other, hopefully less controversial, methods to improve yields with higher economic and resource efficiency. One such method involves the modernization and expansion of the age old greenhouse. We are all… Read more »


Are foods grown from modified seeds more dangerous than foods grown from unmodified seeds?  The controversy has been stirring for years.  Like any controversy there are pros and cons on both sides, some which are scientifically based and others that are purely emotional appeals. The proponents of genetically modified (GM) seeds herald modification as the… Read more »

Bank Simple at BankSimple

Anti-big bank sentiment still runs high.  If you recently changed your banking relationship you are not alone.  Javelin Strategy estimates that 5.6 million U.S. adults changed banking providers in the past 90 days (January 26, 2012 article). Twenty six percent of the switchers stated that they switched in order to avoid the high fees their… Read more »

New Exit Strategy Handbook

B2B CFO has just launched a new handbook and software tool for the upcoming tsunami of baby boomers who will be selling their businesses over the next 20 years. Check out the video below!