15 tips for a successful business.

1) Stay organized. Make lists and follow through.

2) Give credit where credit is due. Share goals and business successes with your team and call out team members who go above and beyond in their line of work.

3) Treat your employees well. What comes around goes around. They are the first line of communication with your customers – when your employees are happy, you’ll have happier customers.

4) Provide awesome customer service. Your customers will tell a friend about their experience working with you.

5) Be your own business. Be creative and don’t get bogged down comparing your business to and copying the competition. You’ll stand much more thinking outside of your own box than copying others.

6) Differentiate. Find something about your business that makes you different, unique and special. Do more of that and stick to it.

7) Don’t over-hire. Having payroll that is too high is not a good thing, but having employees that are not busy is even worse.

8) Create a positive and collaborative work environment. You may learn far more from your employees than they learn from you so be open to their ideas.

9) Have fun! Don’t take yourself or your business too seriously.

10) Give back. Help other business owners, budding entrepreneurs, and your local community. Give of your experience, time and money.

11) Don’t stop thinking of new ideas. Complacency is the demise of business. Steve Jobs said it best when he said, “stay hungry” – your business should never be full.

12) Focus. Select your core goals and work toward them. Having too many goals and too little focus will yield far fewer results.

13.) Assess your ROI. Spend more on those items that have higher return and cut those that cost more than what they are yielding. If you do not know the ROI on different initiatives, decision making is made that much harder.

14) Be bold. Don’t be afraid to try and fail – many times you will succeed!

15) Always be open to learning. Be willing to receive advice, know that you have room for improvement, but also be selective in the advice upon which you act.

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